Month: May 2018

Chronic pain and the brain

Clinical studies are not always the most stimulating of reads I’ll grant you, but bear with me for a moment while I share a few tit-bits from a study published recently in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Still with me? OK… so the study focused on Mind-body therapies and their effect on reducing acute

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Life and 10 things you might be looking for

Life is a confusing journey often filled with more questions than answers. It’s like a road with no GPS signal. Some may get hopelessly lost, give in, accept their lot or give up altogether, others face the questions, fears and uncertainties with vigour and valour. Some of life’s questions will be more important than others,

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A survivor’s guide to exam season

Ah… exam season, I remember it well, and am reminded of the pressure it puts on students every year since, as I see an ever growing number of young people coming to my clinical practice for help during revision and exam days. Very often a lack of self-confidence and control are the Achilles heel of

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