Stress & Anxiety

Telling someone who is feeling anxious, stressed or experiencing a full blown panic attack...

…to “just calm down” may seem both calming and helpful. Chances are however, the exact opposite of that well-meaning-yet-oh-so-unhelpful pearl of wisdom will occur.

Regardless of age, gender, faith, profession or nationality – whether you’re a student, employed, self-employed, unemployed or retired – a stay-at-home parent, professional singer, musician, dancer, actor, athlete or public speaker, stress, anxiety and panic knows no boundaries. It can reach anyone and everyone at any given time and without warning.

Those affected may find it hard to concentrate, have problems with sleeping or eating, they may be prone to angry or aggressive outbursts. They may suffer negative thoughts, thinking that bad things are going to happen and may as a result begin to avoid everyday activities, such as seeing friends, going out in public or going to work or school.

Quite apart from the psychological effects of anxiety, the physical effects of anxiety and panic can be manifold. Presenting in symptoms such as heart palpitations, chest pains, hot flushes, problems sleeping, digestive disorders and a weakened immune system.

In hypnotherapy we use breathing techniques to activate the parasympathetic nervous system – our ‘Rest and Digest’ response, we use guided imagery to help re-frame and redirect negative thoughts, beliefs and expectations transforming fears and vulnerabilities into powerful tools. And with other modalities such as EMDR, EFT or Havening we are able to help clients to tap into their true potential, allowing them to move forward with their lives in a positive way.

Hypnosis allows you to focus intently on a specific problem and its resolution while maintaining a comfortable state of physical relaxation. In this state of deep relaxation, you are able to regain control over the body’s physical response to stress rather than the body going into its default mode of high alert. Clients find their new response to stress enables them to think clearly, deal with situations calmly and effectively and make precise and defined decisions.

In addition to in-clinic consultations, I offer onsite consultations with clients throughout London and the South East. Please contact me directly to discuss further.

When your mind is right, everything else follows.

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