Sport & Academic Performance

Hypnosis in sport has both therapeutic and performance-enhancing functions.

Sports performance at a high level requires an intensive yet relaxed concentration which is in fact, a state of hypnosis itself. 

It is well documented that high level performers are able to go into active trance-like states when performing at their best, often referred to as being “in the zone”. 

Concentration, relaxation, self-belief, the ability to accept success, a winner mentality, mental strength and the ability to draw upon physical resources more effectively, these are all major benefits achieved through hypnosis for sport performance. Drawing more effectively on the great mental and physical resources athletes possess and being able to hold on to powerful mental images of success and winning are all part of the hypnotic training for athletes.

Hypnosis teaches sports men and women how to achieve this state of heightened focus and concentration even in highly competitive and stressful situations, learning how to reduce stress while maximising performance. Most successful athletes learn to achieve this state spontaneously and today sports psychologists, trainers and coaches seek to indoctrinate a success belief in athletes, teaching them to programme themselves to achieve maximum performance. 

Mental health in sport is an extremely important issue that thankfully today, is being recognised and taken seriously by the sporting bodies and communities. Many sports personalities have ‘come out’ in recent years openly discussing their personal battles with addictions, breakdowns and mental health issues. During hypnotherapy sessions, personal issues of any kind can be discussed and worked through whether related or unrelated to the sport.

The use of hypnosis in sports offers the following benefits that may help athletes handle personal challenges that would otherwise negatively affect sporting performance: 
  • Helps to reinforce established sporting goals
  • Aids athletes to better handle nervousness​
  • Contributes to relaxation
  • Facilitates stress management
  • Increases concentration
  • Eliminates sports phobia responses
  • Provides the ability to eliminate distractions
  • Assists in controlling pain
  • Increases performance motivation
  • Improves bodily awareness

Academic Performance

Academic performance can be enhanced very effectively with hypnotherapy and there is compelling evidence to support this. It is well documented that our brains absorb more than we are consciously aware of and hypnosis, when professionally applied, can help us make far greater use of our vast potential for learning. 

Hypnotherapy can provide the means in which to remove blockages and inhibitions often caused by bad learning experiences in the past, and eradicate negative programming that may have led to low expectations of success. Studying, learning, memory and focused concentration can be greatly improved in both children and adults with professional hypnotherapy. 

The process of studying and accelerated learning is enhanced by developing improved concentration techniques, improving not only concentration but comprehension, forming strategies for improving memory and creativity and helping to solve theoretical problems or real-world problems, using the knowledge already attained. 

When your mind is right, everything else follows.

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