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Surgical procedures whether minor or major and anesthesia whether local or general can be a stress producing event in anyone’s life.

The effects of hypnosis on reducing pre-operative anxiety are well documented. But increasingly, studies also support a role for hypnosis in reducing pain during and after surgery and helping to encourage the body’s natural healing process.

Studies show that patients who underwent hypnotherapy prior to surgery; 

  • Recovered more rapidly
  • Felt physically and psychologically better post operatively
  • Required a shorter stay in hospital post operatively
  • Had less blood loss
  • Had less pain and anxiety
  • Required less pain medication

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This programme is ideal for those who would like to be actively involved in their treatment and who would like to maximise and help speed their own natural recovery process. Typically, 3-4 sessions prior to surgery is all that will be required. 


If you or someone you know refuses to go to the dentist despite being in pain and needing treatment, they can be said to be suffering from dental phobia or Odontophobia.

Dental phobia is surprisingly common and the associated anxiety can range from mild nervousness to acute anxiety or full blown panic attacks.

For some the fear is the dental instruments, such as the metal probe or the drill. Often the sound of the drill alone can be enough to trigger a panic attack. Others fear needles or injections, for some it is the loss of control which is most feared, for others it is the fear of pain.

Dental phobias generally develop from a childhood experience that proved to be painful or traumatic and has led to anxiety in adulthood. Fear of the dentist and dental phobia is not just a problem for the individual but the fear and indeed a phobia,can be transferred onto children by their parents. Children model their parents’ behaviour and so by witnessing the parents fear, the fear is learned by observation and thus becomes rooted.

Hypnotherapy not only helps reduce fear and anxiety, but because it lowers blood pressure it can lessen bleeding and speeding recovery time.

For many people, overcoming their fear of the dentist has proven to be liberating and life changing.

Gail Marra is a Certified HypnoDontics Practitioner 

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