Dating Confidence

Confidence is a highly attractive quality.

Self-confidence is said to predict romantic desirability, limit the potential for romantic rivals, and seems to help people win hearts. 

Research suggests that walking into a first date with confidence sets the stage for successful romantic initiation.

To reap the benefits of dating confidence is not to simply feel internally a sense of assurance and comfort in your own skin, but more importantly to display that confidence.

Dating isn’t like it used to be. Dating changes with time. Not so long ago people would meet at parties, dances or fixed up on a blind date by a friend. Newspaper ‘lonely heart ads’ were once very popular.

Today many people use online dating.

People’s experiences with online dating tend to be mixed. Some people have excellent experiences with online dating that end in healthy long term relationships, others find it confusing and frustrating. And so much like any other ways to date, meeting someone online has both benefits and drawbacks. 

For instance, online dating provides access to more potential partners than individuals are likely to meet in their day to day lives. This is especially true for people interested in partners of a particular type, orientation, lifestyle, or live in isolated areas.  On the flipside, the sheer number of choices can become confusing and overwhelming.

Perhaps it’s your first time on the dating scene and you’re worried about how to act, respond or behave, or maybe you’ve been on plenty of dates in the past but have found it difficult to form a meaningful relationship with one special person.

People who have come out of unhealthy or toxic relationships may find they’ve lost confidence and feelings of self-worth and find it difficult to put their trust in someone or to give of themselves again. It’s important to try not to bring previous relationship ‘baggage’ forward into a new relationship. Sure, lessons should be learned – but that’s where it should end. Talking too much or in too much detail about a past relationship and the negative things you put up with or accepted, it may send a subliminal message to your date that your emotional ‘bar’ is set a bit low.

It really doesn’t matter which of these apply directly to you, what does matter is that you’ve decided you would like to be more confident when going on dates. And while you can’t control when and where love will find you, you can make sure you are in the right state of mind to notice when it does and to be in a position to offer it back. 

Hypnotherapy can help build your confidence and strengthen your self- esteem by overcoming any blockages that may be holding you back.  Hypnotherapy can help you find new ways to be open and receptive to relationship opportunities giving you the chance to build long lasting loving relationships.

When your mind is right, everything else follows.

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