Thoughts, ideas and imagination


We are born with a wonderful freedom of mind.

Encouraged to use our imagination and pretend we can be anything! A pilot, an astronaut, a circus performer there’s virtually no limits to our imagination as children. The world is a place of wonder and excitement and we can be whoever and whatever we choose.

No sooner do we begin to perfect these amazing innate skills, we go to school where our marvellous minds are programmed to think rationally and logically. We’re told to pay attention and to stop day dreaming. And although the skills we learn at school help educate us and prepare us for the bigger world, our natural state of free thinking will often have been trimmed back and for some, quashed altogether.

Once fully immersed into the ‘real world’ and after years of having experienced, witnessed, heard, seen, read and listened to a million messages (some positive some negative) we might seek out ways to re-learn how to use our imagination again! How to tap into our amazing and infinite subconscious minds. To help us see outside the box. To live life differently, better, smarter.

Everything begins as a thought. Every thought is a picture. And these thoughts can become ideas. Thoughts are the genesis of everything and the great news is…we have about 50,000-70,000 of them each day.

Some thoughts and ideas we put on a shelf somewhere at the back of our mind telling ourselves those ideas don’t matter, or that they could never become a reality and so we just forget about them. But sometimes our thoughts and ideas are enormous and can really make a difference not just to your life but to lives around the planet… perhaps even beyond the planet.

Ideas matter, your ideas can make a difference and they deserve to be heard and explored. Start by paying attention to your thoughts, try to keep them positive and creative. If they feel good, expand them.

Hypnotherapy can help you to explore your thoughts, open your mind and unleash your true potential. It can also help you relearn how to use your wonderful imagination and be the best version of yourself.

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